All aboard! Derailed: The History of Black Railway Porters in Canada is a multimedia exhibition presented by Myseum of Toronto in collaboration with author/transnational scholar Cecil Foster (They Call Me George: The Untold Stories of Black Train Porters). We invite you to explore the history and lived experiences of Black Railway Porters, uncovering a lesser known chapter in Toronto and Canada’s history. Choose the route that fits your journey and interests; watch dramatic monologues performed at Toronto’s Union Station, written and conceived by Meghan Swaby and directed by Byron Kent Wong. Click through archival photographs and artifacts from on and off the track. Deep dive into the history and conditions of Canada’s railways or specific Porter profiles. If you are eager to learn more, listen to talks with historians and community leaders, then jump into your own reading using our resource lists. The history of Black Railway Porters continues to resonate today, informing contemporary conversations about labour and race. How can their legacy help us imagine greater equality in Canada?
Zoe Flatman

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