Often we ask students to explore topics with a mind to analyzing primary and secondary sources.  While it is fairly easy to find primary sources I have sometimes found it difficult to find sources that are accessible to varying student needs and abilities.  As a teacher it is sometimes hard to find the time to do the research necessary to find great secondary sources for students to analyze.  The goal of this feature is to provide: first, a brief historical context (hopefully usable in the classroom) to various topics; and second links to accessible readings (again hopefully usable in the classroom).   From time to time this feature may stray from this particular format to provide links to excellent websites that support history and social science teachers in the work that they do. I hope you like it and I hope it helps.

Lets jump in with a great website for teachers teaching World history and/or American history: The Stanford History Education Group (SHEG).    This site grew out of the work of Sam Wineberg  (Historical Thinking Matters) and has been around since 2009.  I have been using this site for years and it keeps getting better.  The site offers lesson ideas around accessible primary sources on a wide range of content in both American and World history.  Material found here is useful in CHW3M, CHY4U, and CHA3U.    One beautiful feature at this site is that it provides tiered readings to accomodate students at various reading levels.   The site is free.  Just register as a teacher and play with the resources.  I hope you enjoy.

Stanford History Education Group

John Piper

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