By Leigh Macdonald 

Did you know that OJEN has over 200 classroom resources available? Some classroom resources are short lesson plans and student handouts, while others are in-depth multi-module resources on a specific area of law. All OJEN classroom resources are linked to the curriculum and available for free download in English or French.  OJEN modifies and adapts some of our classroom resources and justice education projects for specific youth audiences such as English Language Learners.  In addition, OJEN also has many experiential opportunities. Teachers can book class visits to an Ontario courthouse using the online Courthouse Visit request form.  Teachers can organize a lawyer or paralegal speak about a specific area of law with a class by completing an online Book a Speaker form. If you are interested in a mock trial or mock appeal, please check out the OBA-OJEN Competitive Mock Trial or OJEN’s Charter Challenge. Both programs are available province-wide and provide a rich educational experience for high school students.

Contributing Writer