Tapestry by Papa Ibra Tall depicting the Maagala Tuubaa (pilgrimage to Touba). The pilgrimage is an annual gathering to celebrate the return of the religious leader of the Fraternity (Confrerie) of the Maurides and brings together thousands of Muslims. Gift of Senegal to the United Nations.

Why a Philosophy Day?

Many thinkers state that “astonishment” is the root of philosophy. Indeed, philosophy stems from humans’ natural tendency to be astonished by themselves and the world in which they live.

This field, which sees itself as a form of “wisdom”, teaches us to reflect on reflection itself, to continually question well-established truths, to verify hypotheses and to find conclusions.

For centuries, in every culture, philosophy has given birth to concepts, ideas and analyses, and, through this, has set down the basis for critical, independent and creative thought.

World Philosophy Day celebrates the importance of philosophical reflection, and encourages people all over the world to share their philosophical heritage with each other.

For UNESCO, philosophy provides the conceptual bases of principles and values on which world peace depends: democracy, human rights, justice, and equality. Philosophy helps consolidate these authentic foundations of peaceful coexistence. Image source



Philosophy Crash Course videos


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