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Please find below a sampling of the content presented in some of this year’s workshops.

Indigenous Content in the Law and Social Science Classroom

Workshop Presenter:  Vanessa Caddel

Workshop PPT

Thinking About LGBTQ2+ Narratives in History 

Workshop Presenter:  Ian Duncan

Thinking About LGBTQ2+ Folder of Workshop Resources

CIVICS: Inspiring Active Citizens to Rock Our World!

Workshop Presenter: Trish Brennan

Civics Rocks PPT

Some are Guilty; All are Responsible: Teaching Reconciliation through Holocaust Memoirs and Tanya Talaga’s Seven Fallen Feathers

Workshop Presenter:  Erin Doupe

Workshop Slide Deck

Seven Fallen Feathers — Google Doc

Seven Fallen Feathers  PDF

Going Gradeless in the Secondary History Classroom

Workshop Presenter:  Lisa Hicknell

Workshop Slide Deck

An introduction to Passion Project Based History and Social Science Classrooms

Workshop Presenter:  Rebecca Chambers

Google Folder of Workshop Resources

Beyond Black History Month

Workshop Presenter:  Sandi Vander Heyden

Workshop Slide Deck

 Using Learning Maps to Navigate Assessment

Workshop Presenters: Michael Elias and Ponam Katyal

Workshop Slide DeckCategory: Resources

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