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April 8, 2021 Your Local History in the Classroom

Join Meghan Cameron and OHS to learn how you can incorporate your local history into lesson plans to engage your students.


January Webinar

Let’s connect – Bring one, take one

Thursday, January 7th, 4 pm

Facilitators: Rachel Collishaw and Jan Haskings-Winner, with support from your OHASSTA-AESHO executive!

Join us for an hour of sharing. Bring something that has worked for you and your students in your virtual, in-person or hybrid classroom. Be ready to share with colleagues across the province to help us all get through the rest of this school year. Get ideas to inspire and support you at least until the next webinar!

December Webinar

Voting Rights Through Time: How Inclusive is our Democracy?

Zoe Flatman and Rachel Collishaw, Elections Canada (@democracyCA)

Looking for ideas to keep the inquiry going in your blended, online or traditional classroom?  Interested in ready-made lessons that incorporate rich, non-partisan content? Elections Canada will show you how to use our new blended learning guides to support your students, no matter what your learning environment. Participants will get a chance to try out some of the new blended learning tools. Help your students explore the history of the vote through case studies of Japanese Canadians, women, youth, and now First Nations Peoples.