Citizen Minutes

February 9th, 2022 at 7 pm

Presented by HotDocs Festival in collaboration with OHASSTA teachers, Alexis Walker and Meghan Cameron. Join educators across Canada for this screening and exploration of short civic action films to be used in your classroom!

The popular Docs for Schools program is pleased to introduce social science teachers to the newly released Hot Docs Citizen Minutes project, a series of short films featuring ordinary Canadians doing extraordinary things to make their communities better places. Finally, a tool that allows you to teach Canadian civics by showing not telling, a teaching resource meant to inspire students to jump in and get involved in issues close to their homes and hearts.

At a time when citizen engagement is needed more than ever students will meet civically minded Canadians who have all exercised their democratic rights and used different processes and channels to create positive social change. There are eight films in the series all under eight minutes in length with an education package for each. The films are available in French and English

Join the first of two Docs for Schools PD webinars facilitated by Civics teachers Alexis Walker and Meghan Cameron with welcoming remarks by Lesley Sparks, Docs for Schools Education and Youth Programs Manager. Together we will screen three of the eight Citizen Minutes short films then break into post-screening sessions to discuss effective ways to bring them into your classroom.  

Our first session will feature short films:  

Excluded by Design

The Gift

Nourrir les Rêves

September Webinar

Interactive Law resources and Indigenous Law content

September 1st, 2021 – Join Ohassta Executives Members Meghan Cameron and Vanessa Caddel in this upcoming webinar which emphasizes curriculum connections – it is an opportunity to share resources with an indigenous emphasis and those which profile indigenous voices and perspectives in the law. This webinar will provide opportunities for Ontario teachers to address historic and contemporary legal issues facing Indigenous people in Canada in their classes. Interactive content and relevant materials will be provided. This webinar will focus on CLU3M and CLN4U.

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