By Risa Gluskin

It is my pleasure to announce that The National Film Board (NFB) and Rapport have formed a partnership to share content. 

NFB has excellent history and social science materials on their own blog. They have graciously given us permission to reprint some of them here, in Rapport, in French and English. 

In this first week of school we’ll start off with the highly relevant “Rose’s Notebook.”

Rose’s Notebook revisits the First World War’s history. Each entry, based on authentic archival material, takes you from Canada to the front to witness events and meet people in those turbulent years. This educational resource also contains the six concepts of historical thinking that are progressively introduced to the curriculum. It links to the online series Apocalypse 10 Lives

To begin, read “Rose’s Notebook- WWI Diary – Entry 1”.

Risa Gluskin

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