Youth Action Campaign and social media contest for


Engage your students with our newest story in Forced to Fight!
We are announcing a Youth Action Campaign to integrate Humanitarian Education into your classes. This bilingual IHL Youth Action Campaign uses the hashtag #ForcedtoFightIHL and encourages students to share a social media post of ways to protect civilians and the environment in war. The winners from each region will receive a prize and have the opportunity to profile their winning entry in a webinar to students across the country for World Environment Day, June 3, 2022. Posts can be posted to TikTok, Instagram, Twitter using the contest hashtag #ForcedtoFightIHL or they can be submitted by email to For more information or to register for the campaign click here (or here for French version). The due date for entries is May 29th.

Our newest story in Forced to Fight ( in French), circled in yellow, tells the story of 18-year-old Miguel and his fight to save lives and stop the environmental destruction caused by the war taking place in his Indigenous South American village.   All your students have to do is:

1.Go to Forced to Fight and explore Miguel’s story
2.In a poster or video, share what they’ve learnt about #IHL and what they think should be done about what they’ve learnt. They can share over social media using the hash tag #ForcedtoFightIHL or email their entry to You can share entries on their behalf using these channels.

As a teacher, all you have to do at this time is sign up for our June 3rd event, and we can follow up with a few additional recommended lessons and tips for your student entries.   More information is here along with sample entries below. Please feel free to share this information widely. Looking forward to hearing from you at     Cheers, Andrea McArthur Coordinator, Humanitarian Education and IHL Canadian Red Cross  
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