By George Janeteas

It is an absolute pleasure to be working with Zoe as co-editor on The Rapport blog this year. I have been with the TDSB teaching English, History and Social Sciences for almost 5 years.  Much of my work has been dedicated to supporting deep learning with technology and literacy development.  I also had the pleasure of co-writing and facilitating the Cultivating Resilience workshop at the OSSTF Regional Conferences last year.  I’m excited to share with all of you how that learning has shown up in my classes in a future post.  On a side note, my learning taught me that increased class sizes does not, in fact, build resilience in our learners.

I have learned that it takes a great deal of courage to be a History and Social Science teacher. Every day, we have to approach very challenging topics with sensitivity, perspective, and compassion.  It’s no wonder that emerging work in global competencies and culturally responsive pedagogy doesn’t necessarily feel new to us.  What’s Civics without deep learning around Global Citizenship and Character?  What is Equity and Social Justice without Critical Thinking and Problem Solving?  The teaching and learning in our courses naturally prepare students to become effective change agents in their communities. 

The Rapport continues to build a strong community of teachers who help each other do this courageous work. So many members are sharing their incredible learning experiences and artefacts with one another.  I am hopeful that at some point, you too, will be open to sharing the dynamic learning that occurs in your classrooms.

I am looking forward to engaging in some deep professional learning with all of you. If you’re interested in sharing experiences, artefacts, and learning, please reach out.

In solidarity,

George Janeteas.

George is a teacher, Hybrid and Literacy Coach in the Toronto District School Board, and Taylor Swift fan!

Contributing Writer