Review by Vanessa Caddel

In this new environment of teaching, OJEN has provided us with two online, interactive learning tools for Grade 11 and 12 Law. 

The first, “Access to Justice” is styled like a vintage choose your own adventure video game which “increases students’ understanding of the challenges faced by individuals accessing the justice system to resolve a variety of common legal difficulties, from landlord tenant disputes to family law issues.” My students responded positively to the game which has three characters to choose from. The only caveat is that the struggles felt by the character Dallas are very challenging and may be upsetting to some students. 

The second, “Steps to Justice” was launched by CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario) in 2015. OJEN provides training and lessons on the use of the website. The lessons are webquests for information on both civil and criminal legal topics. The upside of this webquest is shows students how to access legal information that they will need in the future. For example students can learn about cell phone contracts and whether or not they should be paid for work training hours.

Vanessa Caddel

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