In thinking about how to organise a course, it is important to know what and how you will evaluate student learning throughout. Making sure that you provide opportunities to practice skills through formative assessment throughout a unit/ course before asking students to complete summative tasks is incredibly important. It is also critical to vary the assessment and evaluation so that students have multiple ways to demonstrate their learning.

I always start with an assessment and evaluation PLAN. Key word being plan. You will always need to adjust to the students in your room as well as unforeseen disruptions- global pandemic anyone? Having a sense of where you are going and how you hope to get there is really critical to give the scaffolding, practice and feedback that students need to be successful.

Here are my CIA4U and CIE3M assessment and evaluation plans. As always, remember that these are from 5 years ago, but they can give you some direction in creating your own.

Once you have an overview, it is helpful to expand and create a unit plan to further expand. Here is an example from CIE3M.

If you have topics, or approaches you would like to see addressed here, let me know! You can comment here.

Zoe Flatman