Are you encouraging action or endorsing the status quo?

Wednesday, March 8th, 2023, 7 pm

Dr. Shannon Moore, University of Manitoba, Faculty of Education 

Social justice and active citizenship are woven throughout the social studies curricula. As such, it is a teacher’s professional responsibility to invite and incite discussions about inequity and injustice, and to teach students about the varied ways citizens can respond and resist. This presentation will: a) counter mainstream misconceptions about action-oriented pedagogy; b) advocate the necessary role of social action in social studies; c) outline the pedagogical considerations required to cultivate a classroom community ready to participate in social action.

Against a numbing indifference, despair or withdrawal into the private orbits of the isolated self, there is a need to support educational institutions that enable students to exhibit civic courage, foster the capacity to listen to others, sustain complex thoughts and engage social problems

Giroux, 2019
Rachel Collishaw