Please find below a sampling of the content presented in some of this year's workshops.

Indigenous Content in the Law and Social Science Classroom

Workshop Presenter:  Vanessa Caddel

Workshop PPT


Thinking About LGBTQ2+ Narratives in History 

Workshop Presenter:  Ian Duncan

Thinking About LGBTQ2+ Folder of Workshop Resources


CIVICS: Inspiring Active Citizens to Rock Our World!

Workshop Presenter: Trish Brennan

Civics Rocks PPT


Some are Guilty; All are Responsible: Teaching Reconciliation through Holocaust Memoirs and Tanya Talaga's Seven Fallen Feathers

Workshop Presenter:  Erin Doupe

Workshop Slide Deck

Seven Fallen Feathers -- Google Doc

Seven Fallen Feathers  PDF


Going Gradeless in the Secondary History Classroom

Workshop Presenter:  Lisa Hicknell

Workshop Slide Deck

An introduction to Passion Project Based History and Social Science Classrooms

Workshop Presenter:  Rebecca Chambers

Google Folder of Workshop Resources

Beyond Black History Month

Workshop Presenter:  Sandi Vander Heyden

Workshop Slide Deck

 Using Learning Maps to Navigate Assessment

Workshop Presenters: Michael Elias and Ponam Katyal

Workshop Slide Deck

If you like us, then you will also appreciate:

Voices Into Action  – with mobile-ready digital resources that meet curriculum requirements for many secondary school courses, is available at no cost to students and educators.  Educators may register free at: – customize lessons and e-send them to students! The program was developed by a team of 20 curriculum experts at OISE-UT.

  • Comprehensive with a wealth of information and activities for students
  • Examines social justice issues on gender, Aboriginal experience, homophobia, rights of the disabled, islamaphobia, the Holocaust and other genocides, the "Black" experience, immigration policies and more!
  • Teaching tools with customized handouts, lesson plans, rubrics, assessments and curriculum links.

Teach young people about the gaps and inequities in access to education using the interactive online data tool, Mind the Gap: Gender and Education.  The activities in this guide are most suitable for young people in grades 5 through 10 participating in classroom settings, clubs and youth groups, and homeschools that are exploring mathematics, social studies, global citizenship and education themes. Additionally, the content in this guide can be adapted for a wider variety of learning levels and environments.




The History Education Network/histoire et éducation en réseau (THEN/HiER)

THEN/HiER is the first pan-Canadian organization devoted to promoting—and improving—history teaching and learning by bringing together the multiple and varied constituencies involved in history education: academic historians; public historians in museums, archives and historic sites; practicing teachers; researchers based in faculties of education; and curriculum policy makers!


Canada’s History

Many of our Executive members have been selected as recipients for the Governor General Award for Excellence in Teaching History.  You can read more about them and the awards on the Canada’s History website.  Award Winners – Diane VautourFlora FlungRachel Collishaw

Containing nearly 8,500 biographies of Canadians taken from every walk of life over the past several centuries, the Dictionary of Canadian Biography remains an entirely free and accessible on-line service for researchers of diverse interests, including students, teachers, as well as the general public. In addition to its vast database of Canadian biographies, the DCB/DBC has recently launched a new educational module, Exploring the Explorers, which contains new curricular supports with lesson plans for classroom educators across the country.


Historical Thinking Project
The concepts of historical thinking explained – download student-friendly templates and find other resources supporting historical thinking.



The Ontario History, Humanities and Social Science Consultants’ Association (OHHSSCA)

OHHSSCA is an Ontario provincial subject association, comprised largely of curriculum or program consultants. Its mission and mandate is to advocate for strong programs in the following disciplines/subjects: civics, economics, general social sciences, history, law, and politics within the Social Studies and (Grades 7 and 8) and Canadian and World Studies and Social Sciences and Humanities (Grades 9-12) curriculum documents. 



The Canadian Encyclopedia

The interactive timeline and 100 Greatest Events in Canadian History are resources you and your students can use that go beyond a simple encyclopedia.

CBC Archives
Fantastic online collection of video and audio clips from the CBC vaults – all of Canada’s best moments caught on the news!


Canadian War Museum – Canada and the First World War
Trying to integrate some critical thinking into your teaching? Have students look at the photos and maps in this fantastic online resource.

Human Rights in Canada: A Historical Perspective

This resource from the Canadian Human Rights Commission has a portal showing forward movement, neutral or set-backs in Canada’s human rights laws across the country. Each time period shows a map with clean visuals, brief information and links to more detail.

Canadian Military History Gateway

The Department of National Defence has put together a comprehensive portal with links to all of the Canadian military history resources. Can be searched thematically, chronologically and many other ways.

Encyclopedia of Canada’s Peoples

Detailed, accurate accounts written by expert historians on the arrival, settlement and current status of every ethnic group in Canada.  A treasure trove of information originally developed by the Multicultural History Society of Ontario, and also available in print.

Where are the Children? The Legacy of Residential Schools

The official exhibit of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, this resource was developed as part of the official apology in 2008 and contains many photos and accounts from survivors, teachers, and generational impacts.

The Begbie Contest Society

Even if you aren’t running the Begbie Canadian History contest in your school, the contest itself is a great source of critical thinking exercises, exam questions and essay topics.  More recent contests are online, but you can also purchase the first fifteen years on CD-ROM in a searchable database.

Elections Ontario Official Results

Look up your riding and specific polling station results for all past elections.  Great statistical tool.

Library and Archives Canada has many wonderful online primary resources.  The learning centre part of the site has a search feature that is more effective for teachers.

The McCord Museum has extensive and organized online collections of historical cartoons, photographs and other primary source material available for use in the classroom.

The National Film Board has many war newsreels and other primary film resources made in Canada. There are many issues-based films appropriate in the social sciences.

The Archives of Ontario has many lesson plans and primary sources in their educational resources section  organized by grade and subject.

Canadian Children’s Book Centre has recently launched a new website for teachers and librarians, a database of Canadian history books for children and teens, sorted by curriculum themes:

This is a comprehensive step by step workshop in a box for facilitators as they introduce and familiarize departmental colleagues/teachers with the revised 2013 SSH curriculum. This curriculum support is designed to supply learning facilitators with a sequence of activities, along with all the necessary materials, to help participants to explore key facets of the revised(2013) Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH) curriculum.

Workshop_in_a_Box_Flow (Word document)

Workshop_in_a_Box_Flow (pdf)

Support Materials:

a. OHASSTA_OHHSSCA_SSH_Summer_Project_PPT_Workshop_in_a_Box (facilitator’s powerpoint)

b.  Pages_21_23_SSH_2013_Document

c. Pages_45_10_SSH_2013_Document

d. Revised_2013_SSH_Curriculum_Document

e. Suggested_Materials_SSH_Workshop_in_a_Box

g. Group_Resume_protocol

h. Chalkboard_Splash_Technique

i. Say_Something_protocol

j.  Inside_Outside_Circles_protocol

k. Give_One_Get_One_template

l. Teacher_Feedback_Analysis_Protocol


Here you will find resources submitted by Conference presenters.