This is a comprehensive step by step workshop in a box for facilitators as they introduce and familiarize departmental colleagues/teachers with the revised 2013 SSH curriculum. This curriculum support is designed to supply learning facilitators with a sequence of activities, along with all the necessary materials, to help participants to explore key facets of the revised(2013) Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH) curriculum.

Workshop_in_a_Box_Flow (Word document)

Workshop_in_a_Box_Flow (pdf)

Support Materials:

a. OHASSTA_OHHSSCA_SSH_Summer_Project_PPT_Workshop_in_a_Box (facilitator’s powerpoint)

b.  Pages_21_23_SSH_2013_Document

c. Pages_45_10_SSH_2013_Document

d. Revised_2013_SSH_Curriculum_Document

e. Suggested_Materials_SSH_Workshop_in_a_Box

g. Group_Resume_protocol

h. Chalkboard_Splash_Technique

i. Say_Something_protocol

j.  Inside_Outside_Circles_protocol

k. Give_One_Get_One_template

l. Teacher_Feedback_Analysis_Protocol