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To mark Canada’s 150th anniversary, Historica Canada is launching Here’s My Canada, a multilingual nation-wide contest that invites Canadians ages 6 and up to express what their country means to them in a 30-second video.

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By Rachel Collishaw

I happen to believe that democratic citizenship ought to be the reason for education. As a long-time history and social science teacher, I believe that citizenship is the reason for keeping compulsory Canadian and World Studies courses. In the Canadian and World Studies curriculum, Citizenship Education gets its own Framework (p. 10), so that it is part of all courses in this curriculum. I would hope that all of us teach citizenship in some way in our classes, but the grade 10 Civics and Citizenship class is the dedicated space where our students explore these issues. This course asks students to engage in issues, and I found it difficult to have credibility with them, without engaging with issues myself. Teaching this class inspired me to become more involved in OSSTF and to speak up on issues I care about in my neighbourhood.

Some of you may have heard about a recent fight to save Civics and Citizenship in Ontario classrooms; some of you may have been a part of the political action. Maybe you tweeted or retweeted, posted or shared on Facebook, wrote letters to your MPP or the Minister of Education. Maybe you did this on your own or you discussed the issue with your Civics class. If you did, I want to thank you. Our voices were heard and the grade 10 Civics and Citizenship course is safe, for now. If we all stand together in solidarity, we can make a difference, but we must continue to be vigilant to ensure that we all work together to educate students about civic engagement and democratic principles.

Just in case you were distracted by the troubling civic issues south of the border in the last couple of months, here’s a recap of the events here in Ontario: