Editor’s Note: You Must Read Seven Fallen Feathers by Tanya Talaga

By Risa Gluskin


Embedding an FNMI Perspective in History and Civics Courses

By Jan Haskings-Winner


Birthday Box – a classroom project gives the gift of a birthday party to a child in northern Canada

By Sue Novak


Revised Social Studies and History Curriculum

By Raman Sarai


Fostering Civic Engagement Through Experiential Learning with YPI

By Charis Kelso with Kate Gatto


Starting From Scratch: Putting an Indigenous Lens on Canadian History in Grade 7

By John Myers


Grade 7 Lesson #4: Joseph Brant and the American Revolution

By Vincent Spano


Grade 7 Lesson #3: Society in British North America

By Cassandra Reda Gavin


Grade 7 Lesson #2: Perspectives on the Seven Years War and the Treaty of Paris

By Luca Schiavone


Grade 7 Lesson #1: British North America in 1713

By Jenna MacPhail


Conclusions and Suggestions for Grade 7 Unit

By John Myers


Lost Stories – an Interview with Ronald Rudin about the new website that highlights forgotten moments in Canadian history

By Scott Pollock


The Anne Frank Travelling Exhibition

By Julie Couture


Inquiry in CHW3M: Using Criteria and Testing Hypotheses

By Risa Gluskin


Three Book Reviews: Avro Arrow, Obasan, and Guns, Germs, and Steel

By Billy Rowe, Mary Kate Grey, and Christina Kompson

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