Al Skeoch Award

Al Skeoch came out of retirement to teach high school history to a group of inner city teenagers, and students and colleagues alike are delighted that he did. Al involved his students in projects as diverse as the Toronto District School Board Millennium Project, a peacekeepers’ dialogue, folk art presentations and research projects. Al is a prolific writer, and has written and co-written several history texts and workshops. He has produced and written a number of historical videos. He has worked as a CBC Radio Noon resident historian, presenting the artifacts and social realities of rural life. Al is the winner of the Marshall McLuhan Outstanding Teacher Award for Communication as well as the Paul Harris Fellow Award.


Sylvia Smith is retiring this year from the OCDSB and has taught for many years in an alternate high school, working with some of the most at-risk students in the city. As a vibrant member of the Elizabeth Wyn Wood Alternative High School in Ottawa, she was a Winner of the 2011 Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Teaching. Sylvia has enthusiastically attended and contributed to OHASSTA and local Ottawa PD. She started “Project of Heart”, a project which connects students and community members with the history of residential schools in a very concrete way. Through this project students are engaged in an “inquiry-based, hands-on, collaborative, inter-generational, artistic journey of seeking truth about the history of Aboriginal people in Canada. It was originally designed to bring awareness both to the settler community and communities of new Canadians and has evolved, through community ownership of the project itself, to educate all Canadians about the history and legacy of this crime and tragedy.”