The Ontario History and Social Science Teachers’ Association (O.H.A.S.S.T.A.) is the singular province-wide teacher organization that represents History and Social Science teachers. For 42 years this organization has worked to ensure that you are represented at all discussions where the Ministry of Education seeks input. O.H.A.S.S.T.A. is also the only provincial teacher organization that brings History and Social Science teachers together from across the province for access to the latest and best publishers’ materials, curriculum development, professional development and professional dialogue.
The O.H.A.S.S.T.A. executive is composed of elected volunteers. This executive works on your behalf to ensure that History and Social Science courses receive the prominence they deserve and the public expects. The executive continuously works to design and organize workshops and regional conferences that expand upon the teaching skills that will sustain and promote excellence in the teaching of our discipline.
OHASSTA needs your support to continue. Join OHASSTA today! For $50.00 it is the best professional investment that you will make this year. Complete the enclosed membership application card and return it with a cheque for $50.00 today. You can join OHASSTA by emailing the membership coordinator. Please note, online registration is coming soon!
For further inquiries, please contact our membership co-ordinator, John Piper (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)